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heworth golfclub (2) hg crest hg3_edited

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors have recently carried out work on the tractor sheds at Heworth Golf Club Gateshead. We designed a waterproof  bitumous system to meeting the unique requirements of the project.

FLAT ROOFING - built-up-felt

"We got A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors to take a look at our project - it wasnt your normal re-cover as we had installed a metal deck to stop recurring break-ins through roof. They kept us watertight throughout contract as we had a lot of expensive machinery under roof. The finished job was first class".  Colin Pringle / Heworth Golf Club - Gateshead


GRP 1 Grp flat roofing

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors refurbished this flat roof using a premium PROGRP glassfibre system.

From the photos you can see this garage roof was in desperate need of repair. The roof had completely collapsed! We stripped the roof, timbers, guttering and half of the brickwork and rebuilt the structure entirely.

"We are over the moon with the work the lads did. We can't believe we've got our garage back. We considered knocking it down but Adam said he could easily restore it to its former glory for an affordable price. Great job guys - thanks very much."  Zak Gillbanks - Gateshead

3. Flat Roofing - Single-Ply

Thrutone%20BlueBlack%20308x176%20150dpi sl3

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors design and install fibre cement slate roofs to suit your budget and style. All of our fibre cement slate roof coverings are designed at a low cost lasting up to 60 years. Our customer promise is to design our roof coverings at an affordable price to building regulations, with as little maintenance as possible.

Here is a typical strip and re-cover using the Marley Eternit Thrutone. Our client was looking for the most cost effective roofing solution. The existing covering was fibre cement slate, so it was a like for like install, with an upgrade of insulation, ventilation and dry fix ridge system. Building control certificates are supplied to customers on completion of the project.

"We are very happy with the finished result and have reccomended A.Armstrong Roofing to our friends."

Margaret Dickinson - Sunderland

4. Slate roofing - Natural Slate

ns1 ns2 ss1 ns[1] ns4 Slate roofing

"We got A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors to renew our lead bays, natural slate roof, GRP glassfibre flat roof and to install solar panels. All the workers were pleasant and very professional. Great job! Introduced by my sister and have reccomended to friends and family."

Kay Murray - East Boldon


A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors design and install natural slate roofs to suit your budget and style. These Spanish slates can last anywhere between 75 - 150 years. In this instance, we decided to go with  Spanish slate due to customer budget / product life expectancy requirements.

Natural slate has a low water absorbtion index of less than 0.4% making the material waterproof. In fact, this organic material requires only minimal processing and has the lowest embodied energy of all the roofing materials.

5. Slate Roofing - Fibre Cement Slate

Here is a typical strip and re-cover using concrete interlocking tiles. Our client was looking for the most cost-effective roofing solution, so we changed there roof design from small double lap tiles to larger single lap tiles reducing the price considerably. We upgraded the ridge tiles to a dry fix system and intergrated their roof into next doors.

"We bought this house knowing it needed a new roof and we chose A.Armstrong Roofing to do the refurbishment work. They discovered the chimney stack was not supported adequately and advised us to contact the surveying company we used on purchase of property. The surveying company fixed the problem they overlooked free of charge. The service provided by A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors was excellent. Thanks lads."

Billy Thompson - Washington

Concrete roof tiling is the most popular choice of roof covering accounting for 80% of homes in the UK. Modern interlocking tiles have been machine made for over 100 years with pigment colours added to give a more traditional look.

5. Clay Tile roofing

clay tiles1

A.Armstrong Roofing contractors design and install traditional clay roofs of all shapes and sizes. Clay roofing products can last over 100 years.

fascias 2 gutt23 dh

"This was the first time we used A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors and we were very impressed. They transformed our fascias and guttering with white uPVC and fixed the leak in the roof at no extra cost."  

Brian Craig - Durham High School.

6. Concrete Tile Roofing

Our client wanted to freshen up the school buildings with new white uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering. We found after inspection that the original guttering was at the end of its life. We covered timbers, waterproofing with uPVC and the finished look was fantastic.

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors install uPVC fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering. We cover all types of installs from domestic houses to schools, old and new. We can fully replace timber fascias or cover existing, depending on your budget.


All workmanship is carried out to building regulations and is guaranteed for 10 years.

8. Chimney Repairs


After inspecting our clients chimney stack we recommended some general maintenance work, brickwork re-pointing, new leadwork, new flaunching around pots and bird guards.

"We had problems with birds getting trapped inside our chimney. A.Armstrong Roofing fixed all our chimney problems, Great service."

Brian Johnson - Washington

11. Brickwork Re-pointed

IMG_0142 untitled

7. uPVC Guttering

9. Dry Fix Systems

dry-ridge 1

"We have used A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors for a number of years now. We know exactly what we are getting from this company. Professionalism and great customer service."

Denny Walters - Rickleton Primary School

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors design and install dry fix ridge, verge and valley systems. This market-leading technology allows ridge, verge and valley tiles to be mechanically fixed without the need of wet cement (dry fix), ideal for new build or refurbishments. All dry fix systems are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our client asked us to take a look at their ridge tiles, as there was mortar falling out in places and dislodged ridge tiles. We recommended re-setting using a dry fix system. Once our client saw the finished product they wanted all buildings fitted with this system.

This project is an example of a premium clay tiled roofing using a Classic Rosemary tile, roll-top clay ridge tiles. We used code 5 leadwork on the main roof and code 4 on all ledges. The project also included 5 flat roofs which needed re-felted and all roofs needed fully insulated. We also upgraded the loft insulation, repaired the chimney stacks and re-pointed the brickwork.

"We are very pleased, the roof has been restored to its natural beauty. Excellent profesional service. Thanks again."

Roy and Pam - Sunderland

repointing repoint2

"These guys really know what there doing. We've had a number of roofing contractors searching for this leak. A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors found the problem first time. We regularly use these guys for any roofing problems. Very professional service." 

Patrick - Sacred Heart High School

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors re-point all types of brickwork/stonework from ground level to chimney tops.

When the bricks are rotting and the structure is unstable we can re-build brickwork to building regulations. All re-pointing work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Our client asked us to check a flat roof leak. The flat roof was newish, in very good condition and well flashed into brickwork, providing a watertight bond. Or so it seemed! After close inspection we found the mortar between the bricks very weathered, causing water ingress behind the flashing. We grinded back brickwork and repionted, then sprayed with silicone based sealer. No more leaks  and the brickwork is restored as if new.

12. Bird Spikes

sh roof spike experts bird s2

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors help homeowners and businesses with bird control, We design and install systems at a low cost. Physical bird deterants do not harm birds, they just give them a shock. Our products comes with a 10 year guarantee.

We installed a low cost spike system across this domestic property. This professional system is ideal when used with strong masonary adhesive giving long lasting protection.

"The birds on our roof were causing us distress. A.Armstrong Roofing Conractors installed these bird spikes - they have certainly done the trick, as we've had no more bird problems. Great value for money!"

Chris and Brian - Washington.

bird s3

A.Armstrong Roofing Contractors are experts when it comes to external chimney repairs. We cover all repairs including water ingress around or in the chimney, re-building and reducing, capping off, re-pointing, lead flashing repairs, bird control, flaunching around pots/cowls or pot/cowl replacement.


Our customer promise is to produce affordable chimney stack repairs to building regulations. All repairs are guaranteed for 10 years against failures due to defective workmanship or materials.

tr1 ctr6 crt4 five star rating five star rating